In our relationship we put our partner first, especially women do everything to make their man happy. We want him to be happy and feel respected. We give 100% to our relationship. But do we give the same 100% effort when it comes to our relationship with God?

„Put God First“ shouldn‘t be just a quote for our instagram profile! It‘s a lifestyle! It is so important to put God first in everything we do. We should love our Lord more then everything else and we shouldn’t compromise that! Because when both put God first, only then it will be a happy relationship. 

Putting God first will cause a man and woman to treat each other better than they deserve. If you only show love to someone because they deserve it, you will not show them love for very long. You need a higher purpose if you want to love someone unconditionally. You should love someone for who they are, but the main cause of your love should be your desire to honor God. 

If we love people for God’s sake, we will always have a reason to love. If we love people based upon their own merit, eventually that person will do something you don’t like and thus you will struggle to keep loving them. So putting God first in a relationship is really the only way to keep the relationship healthy and full of love.

Because when you go through hard times together, you want God’s help and you need His presence. If you reject Him in your relationship you cannot blame Him when the relationship turns sinful.

So, when you put Him first in your realationship, God will not only bless that relationship, but He will actually be in that relationship. Because if He is not in it, it just won't work.

Psalm 127:1 “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.”


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